Cut out thoughts


I like standing out in the windy air ofan outdoor subway platform. It takes just one stop to get into the city, so every morning I get to ride out and over looking out onto the east river in all of it's deadpan splendor. Some days, the skyline just looks like a cardboard cutout of buildings and sometimes it looks real.

BrucedavidsonPhoto by Bruce Davidson

There are only real people who ride this train, the new Phillip Lim gray cashmere ruffle dress that I'm wearing becomes irrelevant when I'm next to the old lady who is wearing slippers and carrying a load of bright orange grocery bags. The line lets you out at the most destitute looking stops, reminding you that the Bowery was once shit.
Eventually, they are going to cover up the rest of the little stencils Andy and I spray painted on the building of Spring and Bowery five years ago on our second date, to prevent this kind of memory.

This all means my train is not so crowded and I find it all strangely comforting. I get to sit down, put on some headphones maybe read some Joseph Campbell to contemplate the deeper meanings of life but my mind tends to wander to other issues such as,

If I do get a new bag should it be the YSL Besace or the Proenza Schouler PS1?


B is for Bag

Those Chloe Suede Multi Strap Shoes? Yes, thought about those too.
It could go on forever really.

So I will leave you with a non materialistic, parting thought:


Watercolor by Charles Rennie Mackintosh



Musicnotesweb Todd Rundgren // Hello It's Me

My Bloody Valentine // Drive It All Over Me

Van Duren // So Good to Me