Lets start... favorite winter necessities... as of right now.






Ever since my two of my friends (with really good taste) gave me the Fetish Pink color for my birthday in October, I've been hooked. Since then, I've gotten Provocative Pink and Peach Passion (I wanted a lip color like the one on the cover of Vogue Italia Nov '08).



The texture is amazing and it lasts for a super long time. For a mere $34, it's a little steal to have a shiny gold YSL prize in your bag.




I grew up in upstate New York, so cold doesn't bother me as much but I always go against my word and curse the cold air walking home from the subway. I buy a fresh pair of these in the beginning of the season and my winter life is not the same without them. They're lined in a soft thin layer of fleece so you can wear skirts and dresses and not feel like a victim.


I know open toe shoes are not expected to be a winter necessity, but this one is is because come Spring, Mayle is no longer. I can't believe it's been a year since I did my internship at Mayle and I'm so sad to see it go. I've been a fan since I bought my first blouse in 2003 and I was happy to learn that for the last collection ever, Jane did shoes again. There was a wait for them and as an early Christmas present my boyfriend surprised me with a pair of the gold/black/grey wedges. I've been wearing them with tights and they are so comfortable, I can wear them all day. Plus they come in a pretty little gold jacquard pattern bag so you keep a pair of flats in them for your purse just in case. I tried to get my hands on another color combination, but they are already sold out of a lot of colors/sizes. So hurry to get a pair of these; you'll be happy you did when you can wear them with bare legs next season and when the line is gone...
a true collectors item.



Even though every Fall I tell myself I have all the kinds of sweaters I need, I'm always searching for THE perfect sweater. I thought that search had come into fruition with Stella McCartney's 2005 collection, there were 2 sweaters I had been dying for. One, I swore was the perfect movie sweater... grey chunky and big, I imagined myself with messy hair and jeans strolling into a little movie at the Film Forum wrapped in that sweater... heaven. Then there was that cream colored one all celebs were pictured in and was in the ad with kate moss pushing the wheel barrow in the field (remember that one?).

At that time, I was only working part time so a $1000 sweater was way out of my budget. I made it out that season with another Stella sweater that was half the price, this short black one I wore to death but it was not quite the same oversized, comfy slouchy feeling as the other ones.

 Acneberyl2 Well, this season, I finally found it. Acne's Beryl Cardigan has been a godsend, it's perfect all around - fit, weight, slouch; but not too big. I bought it in Black, and its done a good job of filling those big shoes the Stella dream sweaters left... I've worn it to every movie I've been to since getting it.


I fear that I'm going to be one of those old ladies who uses 15 products to combat wrinkles and such... since I am getting up there in my mid twenties, I've ventured into that crazy realm of facial products. It's really overwhelming which beauty brands to choose and I'm skeptical when it comes to their promises but this one lives up to all of the good reviews its gotten. The best thing to brighten up your face on a gray winter day.




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