Little Shiba Model

Rocky, our little Shiba Inu, sometimes likes to run into the site during photo shoots. Here is one of the outtakes from the shoots I posted yesterday,  he's doing his best jumping pose and modeling his favorite bandana.


I should mention Rocky is a rescue, a pure bred sesame colored Shiba Inu we found at the BARC Shelter.  He came with pedigree papers and at only two years old, we couldn't imagine why anyone would abandon such a thing. But he was in very bad shape when we saw him, underweight with severe allergies and tons of missing fur, his whole underbelly was practically just skin. The owners didn't want to spend anymore time to figure out what was wrong with him.

We couldn't give up on this dog so for months we took such good care of him, for awhile only feeding him holistic dog food that we would make with real food (I was like a regular at Whiskers). Then I started to experiment on what protein he is allergic to and it turns out that it was just beef, as most asian dog breeds are. Now he's on an organic venison or duck kibble diet and he is pedigree perfection, all of his hair is 100% soft and fluffy (and all over my clothes).


Rocky at home, living the happy life. Can you see him? He tends to blend in with our furnishings sometimes, especially the blanket Andy brought back from Ibiza.


If you live in New York City and are thinking of taking on the responsibility of getting a pet, definitely look into getting one at BARC Shelter, they also take volunteers to walk the dogs around the neighborhood. They have so many cute dogs and kittens, wish I could take them all home.

Bernadette Marie