Casual Agent


Photo by Gareth McConnell


Is it soft? Is it grey?

Yes. Then I love it.


Picked up this tank  the other day from the Alex Wang T line.  Oh, is this thing slinky.
I think I could wear this tank  straight for two days and it would be okay.

I am not afraid to admit that the best way to break in t-shirts is to wear them straight to bed and then the next day. Case in point my prize vintage Led Zeppelin T-shirt from 1979 that is now at the height of it's worn in perfection, so much so that every time I wear it complete strangers offer me money to buy it straight off my back in the middle of the street. I have slept in it many a night and its now hanging together by mere threads in some areas. So upon awaking I will just put on some proper pants or a skirt and  just throw on one of my Phillip Lim blazers over the tank.

For downtime also comes the new Phillip Lim prescription glasses. I have the worse vision ever so when I'm not wearing contacts at home I'm wearing these vintage french Lissac glasses I got from Fabulous Fanny's. From the Phillip Lim line I picked the tortoise shell "Chloris." I love them. It feels good to have upgraded to a nicer pair of glasses  for more presentable functions but really they are just for running around during the day.

Garethmcconnellflowers Photo by Gareth McConnell


Because the best days are when you don't even have to try.

The Velvet Underground // Oh! Sweet Nuthin'
Suicide // Sweetheart
Dust // Walk in the soft rain
Led Zeppelin // The Rain Song

Python Lee Jackson // In a broken dream
(Thank YOU for this)