Eyes like a bouquet

 Last night I was able to catch the last showing of Godard's Made in the U.S.A at Film Forum. Shown in beautiful 35mm film, the opening still dedicates this to someone who taught Godard to respect image and sound. And image and sound it was, comic book colors and shapes are carefully framed in each shot from the tiniest detail like a baby blue tie that matches the shutters of a parisian villa, Marianne Faithful's bare and warbling singing over lone blinking street signs, a masked loudspeaker-ish voice speaking over a mysterious tape recorder, going from poem like conversations to cartoon catch phrases, Anna Karina's orange or maybe yellow dress dazzling in just about every place, a garden or a gas station.





This was essentially a long goodbye love letter to her. How amazing it is to see closeups of Anna Karina's face on a large screen, traipsing about as a spy in a trench coat and a silly gun hidden in a book, every flicker of the eye and faint glance becomes a long suspending moment.

I wish I could give proper commentary on the social/politcal themes behind the movie, but I'm but I'm not going to lie, I was too sidetracked by Anna Karina's outfits (of course) and what was strange or funny about the movie. Would love to watch this again having a better idea about the side references that were mentioned from obscure Moroccan Politics to Apollinaire. 




Do watch this movie if it is ever shown again on a big screen, let alone in the U.S.A,
I'm already wishing I could catch just one more glimpse.


Fingerprintz // Yes Eyes

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Guess Who // These Eyes

Rolling Stones // The Girl with Faraway Eyes

Smiths // This Night has Opened my Eyes

Dinosaur Jr // I live for that Look