Painted and Preened

Textile Design, Ink and Gouache on Speckled Paper

I've been in the process of scanning more of my hand painted textiles/work onto a site. This has occupied whatever sketchbook time I've had today so I'm leaving this pattern I painted as collateral.

This print would look good on her:


Photo by Paul Rowland. Posted today on, this looks as new as ever...

Photo by Inez and Vinoodh

... and this is the new now. It sums up the feeling of Fashion Week being just around the corner... what are you going to wear?
Though we all know, it really doesn't matter...


...yet it does. Going to start by getting a long overdue haircut tomorrow. My hair guy is GENIUS:

Dickson Hairshop
137 Allen Street. 212.260.5625. Ask for Josh.


Cut your hair // Pavement
Hairdresser on Fire // Morrissey

You wear it well // The Faces