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JoelmeyerowitzLes Champs Elysees, Paris France 1972. Photo by Joel Meyerowitz.

happy valentines day

Here are some classic love song videos for you:

Leather and Lace   //    Stevie Nicks   
you must see this if you are a Stevie fan. it's lithe and cute 70's Stevie, not big haired 80's Stevie.
(and then there's this version for laughs)

Wild Horses    //    Rolling Stones
you must see this if you are a Mick Jagger fan. it's young and cute 70's Mick in all of his exaggerated glory.

I'm not in Love   //   10cc
sorry I tried to find the video where their heads are floating in space. couldn't find it.


... And how about some clips of classic heartbreakers of my time:

Starting with Jake Ryan from Sixteen Candles

Then Jordan Catalano from My So Called Life
I once swore that letter he "wrote" Angela in the very last episode was the most epic thing I ever heard.

And here is that 13 year old version of myself, sending out this out to my valentine, Andy. Back then he was listening to the same thing, but in Texas: Unwound's Valentine Card. We were meant to be.
Thanks for the Mayle pants, babe.


Enjoy your day with the one(s) you love.