What's real and make believe


Leave it to Marc Jacobs to always put NY Fashion Week back into place. Just when I was starting to fall asleep looking at the previous shows,
this is suddenly a neon colored dream. I loved how fantastical this show was, which is what more shows should be like, something that had only once existed in an imagination and then suddenly come to life, like a crazy parade of color.


You´re so sheer you´re so chic
 Teenage rebel of the week
Flavours of the mountain steamline
Midnight blue casino floors
Dance the cha-cha through till sunrise
Open up exclusive doors oh wow!
Just like flamingos look the same
So me and you, just we two got to search for something new
Far beyond the pale horizon
Some place near the desert strand


(I'm going to the Phillip Lim show tomorrow, I can't wait! Sure to be another eye opening show...)

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