New Things





  1. I finally got two beautiful classic pieces I've always wanted,
finally found the right ones:





The perfect Trench Coat.

I had this vision of getting a trench exactly like the one Lauren Hutton
wears (yes, I haven't stopped thinking about her as my favorite style icon)
in American Gigolo, where she sneaks off to visit Julian at his place.
This ones pretty close, but in a silvery dark elm brown silk.
I love that it's not an exact color.
{Phillip Lim Classic Trench Coat}



The perfect Jumpsuit.

My absolute favorite thing I own right now.
I've been checking the dashboard on our Mac every morning to
check out the weather, when it will be perfect for this cotton/linen
number (tomorrow: 60 degrees. YES).
I got this in a silvery taupe, another indeterminate color,
so into neutrals right now. God I love this.
{Phillip Lim Accordion Neckline Jumpsuit}




2. I got a new job!

This though, is very bittersweet for me.
I was not planning on leaving my current job,
I couldn't ask for much more but change, always a good thing...

Listening to:

Changes // David Bowie 
Voice of Change // Mason Proffit
Don't Ever Change // The Jesus and Mary Chain
Money Changes Everything // The Smiths
Change //Sparks
Change of the Guard // Steely Dan
Nothing Ever Changes // Stevie Nicks
Perpetual Change // Yes


Artificial sun experiment
My new trench
Unknown photo

Guy Bourdin
Fritz Goro light experiment
Movie Still from American Gigolo