Will I still be in your eyes and on your mind?


We're doing a bit of Spring cleaning around the apt which also means picking up a couple new plants (hello sprout), some new bits of furniture and a long overdue new TV to keep up with the  "digital TV transition".

I've had the same TV since I've moved to the city, in fact, the same one since my bedroom in high school. It's hilarious. This thing has been with me through five moves and is so big and boxy it's just wrong.
For me, electronics is the last thing I prioritize spending my money on. Investing into futuristic expenditures means I've got a clothing personal order in for a Fall 2009 collection, if you show me 2010 I'll plan my wardrobe for that too, but I still have an old TV. But the reason I love it is because I can still watch my collection of VHS tapes.

One of my most prized is a tape of the Neil Young BBC show from 1971.
I can watch this a million times and always just be blown away by it.
My favorite part is when he's all, so here's a new song I just wrote, I'm living on a ranch in California and then he starts singing, Old Man, you know this song he just wrote last week:

"I used to... I used to call this girl from the road you know that I never, that I was in love with, but I never really met. I used to talk to her on the phone all the time. Late at night, I'd talk to her on the phone cause of the time difference. I'd wake up the next morning feeling so good."

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Photos by JR Eyerman

Call me when you're in California, okay, Andy?

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