Visual luxury


Tom Friedman, 1000 hours of staring 1992 - 1997, stare on paper

Top Photo, left to Right: Corey Grant, Model/Muse Donna Jordan,
Fashion Illustrator Antonio Lopez.

See original Antonio Lopez drawings now at:

The Line of Fashion
April 1 - May 2nd 2009

Museum of Illustration
128 East 63rd Street (between Park and Lexington Avenues)

If you are in the neighborhood, stop by. Its free and all you have to do is walk in, the handful of gorgeous illustrations will take up at the most, an hour of your time.

I was really fortunate when I was in school to have taken a class with Ana Ishikawa, one of Antonio Lopez's favorite teachers/mentors. Her six hour class, with just a ten minute break, entailed drawing only  the muscles under a face we're staring at, only the skeletons of bodies all in five minutes flat. It was all about the trochanter bone, the crush and lean of a figure. Never the clothes.

I just cleared out a little corner space of the office so I have this huge white 15 foot high wall, blank. I'm going to start experimenting with large scale painting again, we'll see what happens. 
I imagine myself making all of these things I've wanted to create but I have a problem where my mind just starts racing and I get bored with an idea once I start going forward with it. So I always keep on going back to Fashion Illustration. It's such a quick escape for me, almost guilty... I mean is there a real place for pretty little drawings of swooshes and curves, gem eyes and crazy legs with frivolous shoes.

"It is a pity but today there are no more fashion illustrators. For however much I admire photographers,  I have to admit their work is done to the detriment of the design.  It is often the background that takes pride of the place. In the case of an illustration, it is the opposite. The design is well and truly present and alive. I remember all those fashion drawings I so admired. Kenneth, Eric, Joe Eula, Antonio Lopez and many others were for so long the painstaking partners of couturiers.
They all showed themselves to be true artists."
-Yves Saint Laurent

But it can always come back...
Some of my favorite current fashion illustrators:

Tanya Ling
Julie Verhoeven
Laura Laine
Cedric Rivrain
and you cannot forget,
Ruben Toledo