A Swan Song, then Sunshine








1. My Drawing: Icelandic Poppies.

2. Movie: Daisies (Sedmikrásky, 1966).

3. Throwing flowers: the Mayle finale and my new shoes.

Was so so lucky to have been invited to the Mayle friends and family day
before the official Mayle sample sale mayhem started (Thank you D <3 <3!)
It was really good to see all  of the lovely ladies I became friends with at the store
and when I interned at the Mayle office,
including Jane. She can't be anymore amazing and generous!


I went straight for the absolute loves of my life: Mayle shoes.
The special re-edition of the Mayle clogs (but more of a high heel, they're 4.5" high)
in leopard print and tiny dalmatia print are finally mine.
Happy and sad that these are going to be the very last of my Mayle purchases.

Josie Romeper fmz

Also got the only Josie Jumpsuit. Perfect for the arrival of Spring,
which seems like it's finally here for good.



Days are growing longer.
Lots of outdoor drinks and food this weekend,
walking around in the sun.