Interior Dialogue


1. Little sketchbook drawing
2. Richard Serra, Kliens Wall
3. Totally. Tenderly. Tragically:
Interior from Le Mépris (Contempt)
4. Richard Serra, Left Corner Horizontal
5. Photo by Guy Bourdin

I don't buy a ton of magazines like I used to
so it's a treat to find full size generous scans of articles online,
like this:

Helena Christensen's Home featured in May French Vogue

Though you may have already seen this if you check the Selby regularly and
if you haven't, take a peek because it's just gorgeous.

Perfectly imperfectly decorated with an iron winding staircase,
exposed brick, fireplace, french doors,
huge kitchen and a porcelain freestanding tub,
in New York City?
Yes, pretty please.

I've long been on the hunt for a decent priced
vintage architect chest with blueprint/plan size drawers like she has,
fingers crossed one comes my way.

P.S. Butik is filled with pieces that look like an extension of Christensen's own home.
605 Hudson Street
(between 12th St & Bethune St)