Summer Reading




I got into a little reading rut with the books I own and could not bring myself to delve into wholeheartedly, so my friend lent me a couple of her books which included Colette.

So happy she did, now I'm on a Colette kick, her writing just feels right for what I want now. The oeuvre of Sidonie Gabrielle Claudine Colette is a mass of 50+ books and short stories so I am sure this will make up most of my summer reading (and has taken up the bulk of what I'm watching on eBay as I get my hands on some vintage copies).

Then there are the books about Colette herself, wild and creative, with an intense colorful personality that so obviously permeates her work. 

What would Colette wear?

A photo of Colette for Rêve d'Égypte, 1907


                                                            Marni Earrings...  Dries Shoes...


What is your favorite book?