And the bit of changed air



 1. Trying some watercolors
2. Detail of a weathering Marcel Breuer building
3. Temple of Karnak in Egypt

4. Phoebe Philo for Celine

Certainly more streamlined than what Phoebe had done for Chloe,

no traces of lace or floaty printed silk to be found, instead a simple play on pairing familiar basics with
with a hint of shapes and textures we have not yet seen,
not too futuristic but still feminine:
 a background of plain black leather to let the cut of a voluminous
but structured top stand as the highlight.
This modest resort collection could just be the right palette cleanser for her Fall '10 debut,
you can already see the potential in the shoes and bags which look like sleek bare bone versions of Chloe Fall '05. No doubt she's already breathed some life into the brand,
hoping the next collection is just a bit more loose with the cool that Phoebe was known for,
that is if Celine wants to expand their brand to appeal to a wider audience
and break the mold of what they're known for.