A declaration




Miniloops2 Fireworks




As much as I love a good 4th of July rooftop party, this year we've decided to go up to the countryside for the holiday weekend.  It was between LI or upstate and the latter won us over with the mere fact that when you're up there, it's just you and the trees.

Which is what we want right now, Andrew and I made a declaration that while we're up there,
(a) I will not talk about fashion
(b) we will not talk about work
(c) we will not talk about material things

So we rented a little pick up truck, we're putting Rocky in the front seat with us and all we're going to do is lay out in the grass, eat burgers, drink beer and take a swim in the cool river with my new Marni one piece bathing suit being the only thing reminding me of the what we're not going to talk about.
There will be the quintessential fireworks, sleeping outside at night while listening to metal and telling each other ghost stories instead.

With that said, my fashion whatnot thoughts end here, will be back to the zone on Monday. 


Happy 4th u-s of a.



{From Top: Sketch, Fireworks photo unknown, My Marni bathing suit print, Lara Stone photo unknown}






Bernadette Marie