Facing the sun


1. Soaking up the sun in my $12 vintage Calvin Klein tortoise shell sunglasses.
They're from the estate of a retired buyer from Saks twenty years ago.
One of the best finds I've had.

2. Paintings and Square Line Sketch by Gego.
I'd post all 600 of her sketches if I could.

3. Face drawing was a loose after thought to this.
Who wasn't blown away by this collection?

Blogging in moderation, now that I want to be outside.
But I just want to say thanks so far to everyone
who has been interested in my work!
 Really makes doing these posts worthwhile.

I am working on setting up a way to get archival quality prints of some of my favorite sketches for those who have been interested. If anyone has any suggestions or hints on the best way to do this, do share.

Thanks again, hope everyone has been enjoying the long summer days...

ArtBernadette Marie