I'm starting to build a tiny collection of books concerning artists and their unknown underbelly of work. I'll be doing regular posts of what I find as I'm making a few bookstores part of my weekly day off routine.

I already posted about Magritte and his Photographic work,
this week, its Cy Twombly's collection of Photographs.

The images above are pages from Cy Twombly: Photographs, by Vincent Katz.
(There is also the Matthew Marks Cy Twombly Photographs book that I found in used in the aforementioned bookstores, also great)

Twombly's signature scrawl across the front of Katz's book is the only allusion to his infamous paintings, inside is full of stark velvety photographs. This is a more orderly and meticulous reverberation of his main body of work, not as confounding but just beautiful in its simplicity.

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