i had a good run of staying out til late
then all of a sudden,
flush with the dreaded flu.

today was the first day in days that i've gone outside
an amazing balmy and warm air

photo by paolo roversi
just arrived, scanned from studio

and i could feel color coming back on my face.

of course when it comes to shopping, then hey i'm really back
for him, a handsome army deadstock beige henley
and i laid eyes on a cute little 50's vintage (but expensive) boys cropped fishing jacket
but after imagining  the possibilities of it paired with a little dress:

i'm going to have to rescue it.
i bought it.

we picked up farm fresh parsnips, carrots
leafy baby arugula
and steaks from grassfed cows
for the best dinner ever
made from the best boyfriend ever
who surprised me by ordering
the aforementioned YSL tribute toos

but back to my side of the sofa
i'm not fully complete yet
more movie marathons
and rummaging through books

ceramic by the
wiener werkstätte
from design in vienna 1903-1932

so maybe this wasn't such a bad weekend

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