Paint it black


watercolor nonsense


our freshly painted black bedroom

the fifteen year old punk girl that i was in a past life

was victorious this weekend as i fulfilled a teenage wish

of having a black walled bedroom

since our apartment is new with no old structural charm,

the big white bedroom felt more like a hotel room

so we decided to close it in and make it feel more like a jewel box

since the existing furniture in it is dark wood art deco or mid century style

the shot is only of one corner of the room as we pull everything together,

i'm on the hunt for a light beige colored moroccan or turkish rug, the right lamp

and a vintage black or dark wood wardrobe dresser.

black reclaimed wood shelves will go up soon

and then the bedroom will be done,

will post more pictures as it's complete.

we used behr's "black suede" paint:


windowsill hot pink peonies

from the brooklyn flea market

before our big paint plunge

we spent saturday morning at

brooklyn flea (fort greene location)

looking for furniture.

prices are what you'd expect antiquing in an uber hip neighborhood

though it's fairly priced compared to vintage furniture shops in the city

and beats getting an ikea cookie cutter piece.

but nothing beats middle of nowhere flea markets -

 the dark wood danish tripod chair in the bedroom photos

was found upstate for a mere $10 and i re-upholstered it myself

 with thick black and gold speckled wool boucle from mood.

at the end of our brooklyn flea day we got 3 pieces of

handsome vintage furnishings for less than fifty bucks,

the food alone also makes it all the worthwhile as it's pretty fancy and good,

definitely not your typical flea market fare.

still have to check out the hester street flea market,

next time!