Ten for ten

I was asked to do a top ten list by lovely Natalie, from So Much To Tell You.

No need to twist my arm, who doesn't want to indulge in recounting all of your most prized affections?

I am also a regular visitor of So Much To Tell You - the blog reads like a note being sent between Natalie and her best friend Zoe, sharing a well curated collection of pictures that would make any girl's heart ache for nights of staying up way too late to only sleep in way too late the next day in a beautiful messy bed, then eating macaroons and watching old movies all day. Both girls are very well read, recounting fantastic books alongside sweet homages to the beloved printed Spring Miu Miu shoes, which is why I find myself there daily.

Here's the list I came up with, I did a handwritten collage that harkens back to my zine days.

Thanks, Natalie, it was fun.