And you are bolder than buzzing bugs

"new york, in the summer, it's a motherfucker"

-julian schnabel in jean-michel basquiat: the radiant child

a must see, now playing at film forum


a fabric scrap and photos Andrew and I took from a quick trip upstate.

was really missing being up there in the woods, especially with all of this heavy city heat.


it's truly the best place to just hang in denim cutoffs, drink homemade iced tea on a porch


and not care about anything else.

the forest fresh with that perfect after rain smell,

there was an afternoon rainstorm that vanished quickly and left the air cool.

so i took my new striped isabel marant sweater out for a stroll.


after seeing the isabel marant ad campaign,

i feel lucky to have nabbed the last short sleeve version in the shop.

now hurry up Fall!