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Sir, You ask me to come and spend a week with you, which means I would be near

my daughter, whom I adore. You who live with her know how rarely I see her,

how much her presence delights me, and I'm touched that you should ask me to come see her.

All the same, I'm not going to accept your kind invitation, for the time being at any rate.

The reason is that my pink cactus is probably going to flower.

It's a very rare plant I've been given, and I'm told that in our climate it flowers

only once every four years, Now, I am already a very old woman,

and if I went away when my pink cactus is about to flower,

I am certain I shouldn't see it flower again. So I beg you,

Sir, to accept my sincere thanks and my regrets, together with my kind regards  

- From Break of Day, by Colette


Inspiration photos for houseplants.
Top: from Saipua -- gorgeous gorgeous flower shop blog! Bottom: from Mieke Willems -- also so pretty.

This blooming can be considered a moment for a couple of reasons:

It's nearing the anniversary of me moving to NYC.

Perhaps my "black thumb" as my boyfriend so aptly puts it is really improving as previous plants have been known to mysteriously shrivel under my care.

In our old loft we did not have many windows and I was limited to only two little plants, now with windows in every room in the new apartment and our back patio I can not only house as many plants as I please but I have real legit reason to venture out into the lush outdoor plant
section at my favorite plant/flower shop Sprout. Wow!

One would think that I'm actually a 67 year old woman when this summer I'm happily thinking about gardening, cooking and decorating. I think the best part about getting older, as Colette luminates in Break of Day, is tending to and indulging into the small details in your life. The best day, any day, is coming home to our own place with Rocky there jumping up to greet me, blooming plants on the windowsills, flowers in mason jars on the tables and Andrew cooking up an amazing dinner with fresh farm sourced groceries bought from Marlow and Daughters across the street.

Right now, I see no end to this little nesting period of mine as I'm pining for signing up for a Flower Arrangement class at Sapiua (see link above), an art deco silver watering can is on my wishlist and one of the things I am looking forward to the most in the Phillip Lim Fall collection
is a Golden Girls-esque silk floral mini robe.

More practical of a list, here's the one I made of the top ten things you'll need to start a small garden:



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