What's a little rain

I still think New York is so beautiful when it rains.

Especially on a Sunday,

photos I took throughout the day:

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Playing around on a photoshoot with windows overlooking the west side of the city.

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The stylist had my dream Dries Van Noten patterned chiffon skirt from the Fall 2008 show

and little Louis Vuitton bears.

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My favorite thing to do on a rainy day is to put on a favorite sweater

or my standby Isabel Marant sweatpants,

go to the movies and then sit in a booth for dinner at Diner.

After the shoot we went up to the Walter Reade Movie Theater at Lincoln Center

to see the Eric Rohmer retrospective.

We caught my favorite movie La Collectionneuse

and coincidentally a live Q+A with Jackie Raynal, one of his collaborators.

It turns out Haydée Politoff  was not a professional actress,

Rohmer only discovered her because she was his real estate agent.

I love that.

Click here for the retrospective's show times.

If you live in the city, it is the perfect way to end the summer,

if not on a rainy Sunday.

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