Last look


photos i took in woodstock,

these are actually from a few weekends back, the last one of warmth,

of swimming in waterfalls and eating peaches off trees.

so far far away from the notion of fashion week.

i promise it will be the last of my extolling virtues of summer,

but it was a good one.

my fave lanvin sandals are completely and embarrassingly worn down to the bone, ribbons fraying,

a testament of a good strong walk in the sun.



hello fall

photo by june newton


perfectly cool

film still from meshes of the afternoon

1943, by maya deren


P.S. Please excuse the long absence and lack of a better post. I've spent pretty much all of the past week working on a super exciting and fun illustration commission. Regular posting will resume once I'm done working on this project. I can't wait to share once it is published!











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