Apple Walk

  By Bernadette
The title of this blog should just be changed to Shoe Diary.

Accordingly, I gave Shoes it's own section on the blog category links to the right.

I can't help but show a bit of love for some new shoes that I got, mostly in part because it's really impossible to find that day to day shoe thats comfortable but cute, thats not a ballerina flat and somewhere in between ratty converse sneakers and 4.5"  heels.

Here, I found my easy answers:

  By Bernadette

Patent Peach Dieppa Restrepo Oxfords from Domahoka (thank you, D!)

Even better, they'll be so good in the warmer season
with a summer dress and sans tights. SCORE.


By Bernadette


T-Strap clogs from No.6

I really should've invested in a pair of No. 6's warm shearling lined boots,
with winter right around the corner...
nope, had to go for these.
I ordered these in black and can't wait to wear them with grey or beige socks.
They custom make these for you so you can pick out any color you want. SIGN ME UP.



Andrew Stinson

And what's up with the apples? Crisp Fall weather always brings a wave of nostalgia and feelings for home. Which for me is upstate New York, so amazing at this time of the year. I never thought the day would come when I'd get excited about nerding out at an apple orchard upstate. Samascott Orchards in upstate New York has a variety of amazing apples to pick, like Hidden Rose apples.

By Bernadette

These are very tiny, green on the outside but the fruit inside is actually a pretty pale blushy pink. I tried one when I went to Blue Hill at Stone Barns in October and loved them.

To see what I mean about upstate being so pretty, check out Andrew's latest photoshoot that just launched on Stylecaster - he shot this up by my parent's house. We were exploring for locations to shoot when I posted this back in the summer, where we found a creepy abandoned old camp house that some of these were shot in:

Andrew Stinson


And the photoshoot video, here.

In the video that's my driveway, that's our road, thats the endless miles of forest that surround it.

Can't wait to go home.










{all drawings from my sketchbook

all photos above by Andrew Stinson,

listening to Apple Walk by Ducktails}



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