Birthday Suit


By Bernadette By Bernadette are the perfect excuse for indulging in what would be extremely selfish endeavors,

like ridiculously expensive beauty products.

As a recent birthday girl, I thought it was well justified to spend $45 on a lipstick

and other miscellaneous beauty treatments:

By Bernadette

By Bernadette

Perfume should look just as good as it smells, that's part of the fun.

By Bernadette

With marble stones imported from far off lands and gorgeous authentic detail,

the Spa at Trump Soho  is one of the only places in the city where you can get a lavish Turkish Hamman Bath.


By Bernadette
By Bernadette

Rodin Face Oil and Tom Ford Lipstick.

The Rodin face oil lasts a long time since one drop goes a long way.

Same goes for the Tom Ford lipstick, the color brilliantly stays.

Wish there were more days in the year to practically allow myself to buy every single color of this lipstick.


Carpe Diem, right?







{all images above from my sketchbook}

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