In breaking statues

By Bernadette
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Really loving the amazing warm spell the city has been under

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(random unknown photos)

It's perfect for having fun with layers

and classic combinations of clothing

that otherwise wouldn't make much sense


(I want to write cursive like this, handwriting by Jean Cocteau)

Also the perfect motivation to get up early on

a day off and walk as far as you can go:

At the Guggenheim, Chaos and Classicism

See a big screen excerpt from Jean Cocteau's film, The Blood of a Poet

Picasso nudes on hotel stationary paper

Piero Bottini's chairs for Casa Minerva

At the Payne Whitney Mansion, Guy Bourdin's

"In Between" Exhibition

If you don't find yourself there,

you can always order the new book

Hope this lasts!

ArtBernadette Marie