Teen Dream

By Bernadette








When I was thirteen I used to rip illustrated pages out of my older sister's copies of Sassy to put on my bedroom wall, dreaming of someday drawing for magazines. Born out of ennui; I made homemade xeroxed copied zines instead, lots of stickered cassette mixtapes and liked to wear weird nailpolish colors.

 So I can't even tell you what a dream it is to be working on a seven special commissions and projects with major magazines and special companies.  A fashion illustration project for a magazine had me looking at all of the Spring shows and even though it's nothing I would ever really wear now, my heart really gravitated towards the Meadham Kirchoff show because it reminded me of my teen dream outfits.

I haven't had much sleep lately and an errand to get watercolor paper on a blustery Tuesday had me sidetracking into the Chanel store for some cheer up oogling. I went for the next best easy pick up, a bottle of Chanel's baby blue Riva Nailpolish. Totally reminds me of Hard Candy's "sky" color, another high school throwback, except this has a hint of grey which makes it more refined.

Looking down on my blue nails as I draw into the late hours of the night makes me smile, as with lots of coffee and itunes mixes from Andrew. I hope you'll stick around as all the projects come together!








{1. sketchbook drawing, looking at Meadham Kirchoff Spring 2011  and 2. a photo from show 3. a high school note and stickers from a dear bestie, circa 1997 4. Chanel Riva nailpolish swatches


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