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An Illustrated Ensemble and Photo Diary from our trip.


The MVP of my suitcase: Isabel Marant Zig Zag Crochet Knit Pants

When it comes to packing, I am the worse. I get anxiety and end up overpacking things I don't need. Taking these pants put me at ease knowing that they could go from loungy, to dressy and then if I was being particulary lazy even pajamas. They ended up being so effortless and were the perfect solution to my packing nightmares. They are made out of a soft cotton so they don't wrinkle which made them the best plane outfit option and overall go to when worn with my favorite J.Crew boyfriend pullover sweater and a pair of APC ankle boots.

To reward myself for such packing improvements, I used the space I saved for storing collected vintage finds and shopping scores. I ended up taking even more Isabel Marant home - was happy to find some Isabel presents under the tree and then a stop at the Barneys in Austin found myself face to face with a rack full of untouched Isabel Fall collection at 70% off, which would not exist in the city. It was like a mirage and I ended up stocking up on a bunch of other awesome easy pieces.

Thanks, Texas.




 {1. Illustrations and notes from my sketchbook 2. My photos 3. Townes Van Zandt}



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