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my new
Isabel Marant necklace

What started as out as one pair of earrings and one necklace that I got from the IM store last month has turned into me wanting much more IM jewelry as I wear them both constantly. Really into all of the new Spring jewelry since it is all of the things I love - part 70's Zabriskie Point but modern, quirky and with just the right amount of teeny tiny bling.

My shame spiral of IM Spring spending officially kicked off with this necklace, the Sodalite and Brass Charm Necklace . It comes in two different lengths and a bunch of different colors. I ended up going for the longer one in the dusky coral color with the black chiffon tassel, I haven't taken it off since. And I am also of course loving the little illustrated dustbags that the IM jewelry comes in:


Speaking of small things, I am still pinching myself that Lucky Magazine chose me and my little ol' blog amongst the millions of bigger blogs out there, as one of their favorites to feature in their March 2011 issue for the "Bloggers Wear Spring Trends" Story. Shot back in December, so cool it's already out, just got my issue in the mail! Thank you Lucky!






{1. drawing by me 2. unknown image 3. cropped part of Zabriskie Point movie poster 4. cropped image from French Vogue}

and the smallest of them all, baby Grayson <3 


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