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Today marks the first day as I go one hundred percent freelance, my last day at my full time day job was yesterday. So it was a really cool surprise as I'm having my breakfast tea earlier this morning to get a knock on the door with a delivery of the new copy of French Glamour.

Celebrating their birthday, French Glamour's special April 2011 Issue comes with a little gift of a blank notebook. Each notebook's cover is designed by a Fashion Illustrator. There are four different notebooks and I'm so honored to be included with some amazing Illustrators as one of my drawings is a cover to choose from!

Here it is on top of my favorite Lanvin Notebook, respectively that cover is illustrated by Alber Elbaz, whose drawings I die for. It's nice to see my own little scribble materialize into something useful. This drawing is one I posted awhile back specially for the blog and it seemed to become a favorite by so many, bringing a lot of new visitors to my work. Love that it will all come full circle as the blank pages will hopefully inspire others to do some of their own drawings.

Speaking of which, all of you aspiring Fashion Illustrators should enter French Glamour's Illustration contest, the winner will receive some lovely prizes including their own feature in the magazine, click the button below to join!


French Glamour Illustration Contest


Happy Birthday, Glamour!




{All drawings and photos above by me. My photo in the magazine taken by my amazing boyfriend, who is also gave me the little white teapot and the forget-me-not flowers peeking through. Lanvin Notebook from Net-a-porterMany many thanks to Laurence and Géraldine! xoxo}

Bernadette Marie