Japan Heart
My heart breaks for Japan.

There are many organizations that have already committed themselves to providing relief to those affected by the disaster that you can donate to.

I picked the non-profit relief organization,

This is my first time donating to them, what struck me most was the simplicity of their mission: providing families affected by tragedy with the very basic needs of shelter, warmth, and comfort. In the past I've donated to charities with the questioning hope that my small donation can make some kind of bigger difference. I always wonder, what will it ultimately go towards, will this tiny bit really help?

Shelterbox creates individual boxes filled with the most essential needs for a family of ten to survive. Each box supplies a displaced family with simple high quality lifesaving essentials like a tent, a small stove, blankets and of course my personal favorite, a little children’s pack with drawing books, pens and crayons:



You can donate as little as $15 (that is enough to cover a children's pack), the overall cost to create a box is $1,000 including delivery by the response teams. Each box has a tracking number so as a donor you can track the box you contributed to all the way to its recipient country through the website.

Watch a short video about their mission here.

 According to their website, they will be in Japan in less than 24 hours from today.
Sending love to all those who have felt loss in Japan, my thoughts are with you.








Bernadette Marie