New flowers...




By Decade

Following the last post, another fun recent vintage find, but this time for the girly me.

It's a pretty floral 1930's silk dress with bias detailing on the body and flutttery capelet like little sleeves. It also has a built in cotton slip attached. It was a bit long for my short height so I had it shortened. So amazing that a well made dress can last years and years. I also like that the print isn't cheap looking, though floral dresses seem to be a dime a dozen it's difficult to find one where you actually like the flowers and color combination (or maybe I am just really picky). The floral print was probably once a bit brighter, now faded, but I like it better like that anyway.

The Print

Isn't it amazing when you discover a sizeless vintage piece and when you put it on it fits perfectly? It feels like it was meant to find you. I imagine what past life it had and now it's come to me, just in time to wear to death this summer with my Isabel Marant Dicker boots, strolling around the warm city.








{1. Drawings by me, working on some vintage inspired inky drawings for a fun non-fashion project 2. The print! With the lovely bias detailing 3. Bottom photos unknown... though I would love to know who the photographer is, anyone know? Thanks to Ringo for being awesome and identifying the editorial - bottom photos by Jenny Gage and Tom Betterton}



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