Something Blue


By Bernadette for

Grazia Magazine in Italy has an amazing site, so I'm really happy to be alongside their beautiful online features. As part of a project in celebration of the Royal Wedding today, I was given the symbolic line "Something Blue" and could Illustrate anything I wanted.

Thoughts ran from fancy English eggshell blue porcelain cameos to intricate blue drippy watercolor lace, but I had to look no further than my own vanity dresser for what to draw. Fit for a princess or any modern blushing bride, I think one could easily incorporate Something Blue with a small touch of Chanel's Baby Blue Riva Nailpolish. It's been my favorite color to wear, any day.

Check out the Royal Wedding card project on Grazia here


By Bernadette










{Illustrations above by me, for Thanks so much to Tamu and Anna for this xxoo}

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