Spring heeled

By Decade


with everything

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By Decade

A sleeker step above my fave No.6's, these forest green suede Marni heels are perfect with socks. Usually I stalk specific pairs of shoes and then save up to get them, these were spur of the moment because they were on super sale and I ended up wearing them a lot. I love when that happens!


By Decade

Talk about stalking, these Isabel Marant Dicker boots in taupe were nearly impossible to get. After calling about a bazillion stores, I ended up finding what seemed like the last pair on earth all the way in San Francisco at Elizabeth Charles. But the search efforts were well worth it, they are the most comfortable boots ever (even more than the Acne Pistol boots) and look cute with a bit of sock peeking out.



Taking the sock and shoe combo to a whole other level, Miu Miu Fall 2011 consolidates it all in one perfect shoe:

By Decade

Who doesn't love these?

Can't wait to finally shed these socks though, really ready for summer...

P.S. I promise the next post won't be about shoes






{All drawings above by me, the ILLUSTRATED ENSEMBLE No.7}

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