Lucky Charms



A protective gem and one of the oldest stones known,

soaking up good vibes with a new Mociun turquoise triangle necklace

from Domahoka.

The necklace is much more delicate and sparkly than it looks in photographs

and the teeny little blue triangle is the just the right amount of the brightest of blue pop.

I don't ever want to take this off.





Magical Dorothy Liebes Textile Studies


another little treasured amulet, 

Francisca Bothelo Escapular Necklace.

I've had mine for seven years, it was A's first present to me.

Went through a time where I think I wore it a year straight, everyday.

Felt strange when I didn't have it on and was convinced

I'd have bad dreams when I didn't, good dreams when I did.


Tumblr_lih5etj7DL1qhwqx1o1_500By DECADE Erie Basin

Erie Basin

Erie Basin


One of my favorite blogs to frequently ogle (and a store to make a special trek to for precious finds)

is Erie Basin in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

They have the most incredible antique jewelry, most of them from the early 1900's. 

The selection is so beautifully edited,

I bet there is something there that will speak to you.







{Cutout shapes and Watercolor Triangle Illustrations by me. Mociun Necklace photo taken by Domahoka - xoxo D, I love the necklace! All textiles by Dorothy Liebes. All bottom ring images by Erie Basin.}