Shakedown Street

By Bernadette Kasia-Blonde


By Bernadette Voguegermsept_camelcoats-1



By Bernadette


It’s day four of wind and incessant heavy spring rain

Simple errands (with a sample sale or two – okay three – Suno, Mayle, APC and Acne

all in the same span, then soon Barneys/Bergdorf/Isabel Marant sale so God help me)

 become the classic city monsoon adventure of upside down umbrellas

flash downpours and almost getting splashed by taxi cabs.

Though a comical nuisance, embracing what might be the last week to wear warm jackets,

layered up trenchcoats, and the perfect excuse for staying indoors finishing up projects

while listening to the sound of rain,

starting new ones!





{1. All Illustrations by me, revisted drawings from a scrapped project. Trying out a new brush and looking at a photo of Emanuelle Alt by the Sartorialist, respectively 2. Unknown photo 3&4. Photo by Knoepfel and Indlekofer 5. Photo from Angys Tearoom}

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