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Illustration specs I drew of Thonet chairs for Dr. Peggy Drexler.

This week, Dr. Drexler launched her second book,

Our Fathers, Ourselves: Daughters, Fathers, and the Changing American Family.

The book also comes in time to celebrate the launch of her new website,

where you can see the final Illustrations I did for the site.

She's written a blog at The Huffington Post about the book, and it ends with a question: 

What was the best piece of advice your father ever gave you?

BP_Duo1 Gemmabooth


Perhaps the best advice my father ever gave me was to look with my eyes,

you're not looking with your eyes he'd always say.

My dad is an amazing Illustrator and my devotion to drawing comes from him.

He always knows how to find the best in everything.

When I was growing up, every weekend he and my mom loved to comb over

the entire upstate area antiquing and finding quirky little treasures.

I never understood why that could be so enjoyable, but come full circle

I find myself wanting to do that too and loving it.

We're going to the infamous Brimfield Flea Market this weekend, can't wait.

Hoping I'll find something beautiful like Thonet Chairs,

will be keeping my eyes open for sure.












{1. All drawings above by me, for Dr. Peggy Drexler's site, Art Directed by Partners and Spade. Many thanks to Peggy, Anthony and Alicia! x  2. Photo by Gemma Booth}

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