'cross the breeze



 Coffee break shakes and subtle disco shiny-ness that is appropriate for the day.


 Was shocked to see this Dries Van Noten lurex top make it to sale, I've so had my eye on this - I love the sweatshirt detailing and how easy it is. The other Dries pieces I saw were just so gorgeously fancy for my little old me everyday use and were begging to be styled with rich layers that my wardrobe can’t afford, so I was happy to leave with just the sweater and two pairs of Dries shoes.

Then lovely sales woman coaxed me into trying a pair of the Dries wideleg jeans. I’ve been wanting an updated pair of wide leg high waist jeans that aren’t too overtly seventies but looking at these on the hanger, I didn't think these would suit me. 

It turns out I’m really digging them. They are the perfect weight for summer but will still be good to wear all year round. On sale they came out to the same price as the wide leg jeans at Madewell I was considering so I think I these were a really great score!



{THE ILLUSTRATED ENSEMBLE. No 11, Illustrations by me, photos taken by Andrew. Dries Van Noten Lurex Shirt and Dries Van Noten Jeans on sale at Bergdorfs, third floor, ask for Karen! (212) 872-8747. Illesteva Tortoise Sunglasses mentioned in the previous post below and also posted about before, a Mociun turquoise triange Necklace from Domahoka <3  Title, Sonic Youth, 'cross the breeze }