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Following the last week's post about those couple of vintage spots, visiting Melet Mercantile's huge space stocked floor to ceiling with beautiful pieces really inspired me to re-look into my list of holy grail vintage pieces that I'd love to come across.

I've always wanted find some really cool patchwork pieces, particularly jeans:

Photo by The Sartorialist



Or anything patchwork really:

Photo by The Sartorialist


Last week I got this Isabel Marant oversized patchwork army jacket in faded black with pale purple patches. Can't wait to wear this when the weather turns, am thinking with something really classic like a button down. This is one of my favorite Acne Blouses, it has a detachable matching scarf so you can wear it plain or a couple of different ways...

After falling in love with all of the aged denim pieces at Melet I dug up a pair of vintage high waisted 70's jeans in my closet that I've been meaning to do something with. A friend gave them to me years ago and I have no idea where they are from, the label is really old and in Japanese. They are very worn in and have holes all over. T
hat's true love right there, they don't make denim like this anymore. I think they might be the perfect pair to start patching up!

Signing off with some of my favorite accessories as of late...




In the pictured ensembles:

1 Isabel Marant "Kosi" Jacket, Acne "Arci" Blouse

2 Mociun Opal Gem Necklace from Domahoka, Isabel Marant Small Jacks Necklace from Bird, Silver Thin Rings from Surf Bazaar/Surf Lodge, Rocks and shells we found on the beach, Antique Diamond Band from my babe

3 Vintage Denim Jeans







{Top two street photographs by The Sartorialist;  All other Illustrations, Watercolors and Photos by me}

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