One Afternoon



 This Illustration is a rough draft I did for a soon to launch project. I had fun with this series because it was a different style of Illustrating and gave me a break from drawing FASHION and onto another thing that I love, which is FOOD:



Laduree chocolates from A<3

saving all of the boxes I get when someone gives me these treats from Paris.

I especially love the design of Illustrator Cedric Rivrain's Laduree boxes

what a dream project!



Little finds,

a vintage hand painted Japanese plate

and strawberries picked from upstate.



Another great find,

the fork is a part of an Art Deco

German Flatware set we found at Brimfield.

Twirling noodles for a quick lunch at home,

 I like dishes with very simple ingredients that are easy to make,

give me Avocado Toast any time.

The Basil we've been growing has been getting massive -

our little garden's grown to include Parsley, Lavender, Dill, Chives,

 Geranium, Squash Blossoms, Nasturniums and teeny Wild Strawberries.

So with our basil we made this minimal Pesto Recipe, and ate it cold.

So good!






{Illustrations and all photos above by me} 


Bernadette Marie