Sun warmed



I had some giftcards to the NARS store on Bleecker Street hanging out in my purse for months so I finally stopped by to pick up some fresh makeup staples. To avoid the feeling of a face meltdown, I don't like to wear a lot of makeup in the Summer but I still want to look pulled together. The friendly sales woman at the shop helped me put pick out a simple palette for the beach, the Illustration I drew above is painted with the actual makeup:



It's always fun to get professional makeup tips as I wouldn't normally know how to approach an "Illuminator Complexion Enhancer." This is precisely what I was looking for, it's sheer and gives you a nice glow - the perfect dewy look. So you can skip the foundation and blush, it replaces both (and has multiple uses as you can also mix it with either). It's a lightweight liquid that has flecks of peach and pink shimmer. You just put a tiny dab on your cheeks and nose for a sun kissed look.



The perfect lipstick for a summer day. It goes on like lipbalm with a but still has a hint of fun color. The bright peachy nude looks really pretty with the Illuminator.




This is a matte eyeshadow that gives just the palest hint of neutral color and rounds out the colors of the Illuminator and Lipstick nicely.



The only other things I popped into my makeup bag is mascara and evening liquid eyeliner from DIOR. I had the immense pleasure of being sent a big bag of gratis makeup goodies from Dior and I'm now a believer... but I won't say too much about that now, I'll be posting why I got all of that makeup soon!  



These five pieces make an easy handful to take away, considering my packing piles so far. The addendum to this  ILLUSTRATED ENSEMBLE, the mini wardrobes I put together:










WARDROBE 1: J.Crew Panama Hat, A.P.C. Men's button down that I stole from Andrew, J.Crew Liberty Dandie Ruffle French Bikini, Isabel Marant Elali Jacket, Equipment White Button Down, Old Levi's cut-offs, Illesteva Tortoise Sunglasses, a deck of cards, can't forget the sunblock

WARDROBE 2: Isabel Marant Dicker Boots, Moleskine Watercolor Notebook, Caran D'ache Pencils, Agnes Martin Postcard perfect as a bookmark, Isabel Marant Necklace, J.Crew Farmers Market Tote, Isabel Marant Plaid Henley Shirt, Isabel Marant Plaid Bikini, finally get to catch up on reading!, Celine Sunglasses

WARDROBE 3: Madewell Chambray Shirt, Isabel Marant Bikini, a stack of soft Isabel Marant Shirts: Vlady, Curtis and Ernst, Phillip Lim cropped sweater, Dries Van Noten Strappy Suede Shoes

WARDROBE 4: A.P.C Shirt, Acne Sensational Shorts, Isabel Marant Colin Dress, Byredo Perfume, Classic Wayfarers, Isabel Marant Poppy Pumps

WARDROBE 5: Isabel Marant Lawrence Skirts, Isabel Marant Howell Shorts, Phillip Lim Simon Sunglasses, Isabel Marant Khan Top, Isabel Marant printed top, Dries Van Noten Lurex Sweatshirt, Bracelets from Lizzie Fortunato Jewels for Suno, All shot on top of my Isabel Marant Yuli Scarf <3


And away we go...




{1. Illustration by me 2. All photos and wardrobe collages above by me}