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Some very random things...



Deep burgundy, almost black flowers, to draw


Colors are getting darker 

Isabel Marant Burgundy Sweatshirt

that I have been living in



Recent vintage finds: Patterned Ralph Lauren Camisole,

Mexican Solid Silver Bracelet



Scents are getting lighter

I love the Byredo Accord Oud Perfume I had gotten last winter

but wanted something more airy for summer.

So I picked up the Byredo Gypsy Water Perfume,

 and it's all I've been wearing these past few months, LOVE it:

"Gypsy Water is a glamorization of the Romany lifestyle, based on a fascination for the myth. The scent of fresh soil, deep forests and campfires illustrates the dream of a free, colorful lifestyle close to nature."



... and who better to exemplify this lifestyle than my beautiful dear friend, Amy.

She sent me this Kickstarter that she and her partner, Whiteflight, have started,

check it out here.









{Watercolor Pattern and All Photos above by me}