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The simple white dress


A turning point of easy little white dresses paired with chunky sandals and heels, still to this day the Chloe Spring 2006 Collection is it for me (with Chloe Spring 2004 coming in at a very close second). I think it was Phoebe Philo's last Spring Collection with them. So I was lucky to get two pairs of Chloe shoes on super sale from that collection, am a firm believer in the balanced equation of a simple dress and then fancy feet:






Adding another member to my small Chloe Shoe family pictured above, I got these beautiful Chloe "Natalia" Sandals pictured below on sale this year. They are so awesome - they have a swarovski ankle strap, a bold black heel and then a nude plain strap in the front that makes it seem your not even wearing any shoes at all. 

  So the shoe part is always really easy but I've found that really simple dress is so elusive, especially in white. The one with no embellishments and no crazy details. Not too flowy but not too skin tight. If it is vintage lace, even better. Seems so easy but it's always been the missing factor.

Found some hope with the Alexander Wang T Fall Collection, it looks like it's branched out from the basic pocket tee to more structured pieces like dresses done in fabrics beyond cotton.

The white CDC GGT Tee Tunic Dress, finally! It's basically just a swash of white silk but with sleeves, nothing to it:











{All Illustrations and Photos above by me}

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