la porte exacte

By Vanessa Jackman
By Vanessa Jackman



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The simple formula of a smart mens shirt with a good dose of eyeliner,

these photos are sartorially getting me in the mood for my trip to Paris!

It's official - this weekend we booked our flights and hotel.

We'll be staying in St. Germain, two blocks away from the Seine and 

the Pont du Carrousel Bridge, at the end of November for five days.

Paris has always held this high space in my mind where if I feel like all of a sudden

I hate everything here I just think about what it would be like to escape over there.

I had the same feelings towards New York City when I was growing up,

and now that it's mine I leave Paris for all of those lofty daydreams.

Am certain it will live up to what I believe it is.

Our last day in Paris, we'll be taking the train to London, where

I'll be there for two days to see a project that I've been working on launch.

Send me a note with your must see places in Paris and London!


{1. Illustration by me 2. Drawing inspiration and all photos above by Vanessa Jackman}

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