Sugar and Plumm




Two of my all time favorite vices: Macarons and Diet Coke,

with a purple striped straw making it all the worthwhile

at the Restaurant/Dessert/Retail Concept Shop

Sugar and Plumm, Purveyors of Yumm.

Sugar and Plumm is the food based project that I've been working on throughout the summer,

 so happy to see the place come alive and open the doors of it's first location.

The shop smells heavenly and the food is top notch as the owners grew up in France,

 they really know what a makes for an amazing dish.

I did a series of about 30 Illustrations for the shop's packaging, walls and in store displays.

This style of drawing was a refreshing change from my usual Fashion Illustration

and hopefully a step into dreams of broadening my repertoire.

So many drawings to share from this project! Here's a few of them:






Sugar and Plumm will be opening their first NYC location in the Upper West Side soon.











{All photos by me and all drawings above by me, for Sugar and Plumm. THANK YOU Yas xoxo}


Bernadette Marie