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Has been fun keeping it local this past weekend, indulging in all kinds of food sweet and savory at our neighborhood's new Saturday "Smorgasburg" Food Market. Out of the many vendors there, my favorites were the Cold Sesame Noodles and Icecream Sandwiches made with Chocolate Chip Fleur De Sel Oat Cookies. To top it off, Andrew has been cooking amazing dinners this weekend, making things up from what's been available across the street at Marlow and Daughters' shop - from pretty yellowy orange heirloom tomatoes to pasta noodles made out of squid ink.


 Given this weekend's food fiasco (sadly back to the green juice diet today) and the riot of sweet Illustrations above, I thought it would only be perfect to ask JUSTINE D.
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Icecream by Justine

Justine's Strawberry Icecream Recipe

 A true New Yorker raised in over a decade of it's nightlife, Justine is an accomplished DJ who has seen the scene through and through. I first met Justine many years ago when I was a just a young teenage thing with a fake ID going out to her fun parties.  Just starting to dip my feet into the city waters, I really looked up to her - she was always dressed so stylishly while spinning real deal vinyl records, part of the rare set of cool that was actually genuinely real and very very kind. 

Always ahead and moving on to the next sweet spot, literally, she just graduated from the French Culinary Institute as a Pastry Chef. On her way to becoming a baker extraordinaire, one look at her created confections like her homemade icecream above shows how talented she is in the kitchen.

I can't wait to see how she combines rock-n-roll with pastry!

You can follow her along at KITCHEN PARTY or her blog, IN THE KITCHEN AT PARTIES.


In the meantime, enjoy her Strawberry Icecream Recipe and press play below, here's a little Summer Playlist Justine curated for DECADE:





Thanks so much, Justine!








1. Pie Handwriting and Icecream Illustration by me (another rough draft for the food project launching soon!) 2. Strawberry Icecream Photo and Recipe by Justine D.


MusicBernadette Marie