In the details


We took pictures of our apartment recently, a good excuse to collect a huge handful of flowers (and then drawing all of them) and fresh candles, dust those book jackets...




(All of my original flower drawings will be for sale in the shop)



 The type in a 1948 copy of "Under a Glass Bell" by Anais Nin

Masks in Dagobert Peche and the Wiener Werkstatte by Peter Noever 


Moroccan Wedding Blanket in Pillow Form





Byredo Candle

This scents the room even when it's not lit up,

just as amazing as the perfume


Vintage Silver Box

Found this the day after we already shot the Apartment pictures and it was something I've been wanting for the coffee table. This summer we went to the flea market regularly and found some really neat pieces. Am looking forward to soon rummaging around for objects around Paris/London for change!

Here in New York my dream housewares store is ABC Home and Carpet. Ten huge city block wide floors packed with beautiful things, I could spend a whole day just wandering around the store. I got the Moroccan Pillow and the small bud vase above from there. All of ABC's selection of vases and decorative objects are used for the tabletops of their in store Jean-Georges Restaurant, ABC Kitchen. Not only is the food just spot on and what you'd expect from a Michelin star chef, but it's also a feast for the eyes. Plus their $28 lunch prix-fixe menu (and the Salted Caramel Icecream Sundae) can't be beat.

 It is hands down my favorite place for lunch in the city, especially for meeting with clients. This week I met up with lovely Val from Eat Drink Garden and I snapped some photos from our lunch. The flower arrangements with the mis-matched vintage china and new table settings are so inspirational...



The photos I took don't do ABC much justice, some pictures others have taken:



Photo by On a wafer with a caper

Photo by Four Tines and a Napkin


ABC Home and Carpet 888 Broadway New York, NY 10003 (212) 473-3000

ABC Kitchen 35 East 18th Street New York, NY 10003 (212) 475-5829







{All drawings above by me. All photos above by me, except for the last set of ABC Kitchen Photos. ABC Kitchen Photos from On A Wafer with a Caper and Four Tines and a Napkin. Thank you, Val! xx}


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