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Outtakes from our apartment shoot, today our home is featured on Design*Sponge as a Sneak Peek:


Check out more pictures and the final edit of the peek here

Am a fan of Design*Sponge's recurring Monday Sneak Peek column, so I was very happy to have gotten an invite to do one of my own. Really excited, though I admit a bit intimidated as a lot of places they’ve had up lately are just so incredibly nice – real spacious homes people own complete with dream renovations.

Our place is just a little Brooklyn rental but I thought it was important anyway to give it a shot as to represent where we are now – from having moved to New York City with one suitcase to having a place to call your own. Andrew and I both had to work our way up in the city, with humble beginnings not yet knowing each other, possessing one room in several different apartments shared with roommates. The quintessential New York City experience.

This is our first full-fledged apartment together. It has everything we need, beautiful light. Heavenly by our small start up standards, though very typical in most places, amenities like having a small outdoor space are true city luxuries that should not be taken for granted...


The apartment is filled with things we've collected over the years and I like they are starting to tell little stories. This is a better view of the vintage original La Collectionneuse poster Andrew gave me that I talk about in the Sneak Peek.


Some more outtake close-ups:





 Hoping to come across those vintage pieces that are still on our apartment wishlist, like a nice headboard for the bed. There are still things I'd like to change, I want to refine it as we find things. It will always be a work in progress. Where I draw, Rocky's favorite place to nap is right by my desk...




Design*Sponge asked me what our favorite thing to do at home is and my answer was just being together. That is the best and that is when I feel so lucky to have come a long way from one suitcase.


Thanks Design*Sponge for the peek!






{All photographs by Andrew, more pictures on my flicker and  on my tumblr. Handwriting and Watercolor by me. Many thanks Amy and Shannon xx}



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